CC Forum: Moving towards a Better World

CC Forum: Moving towards a Better World

Max Studennikoff, Founder and CEO of CC Forum „Investment in Sustainable Development“ interviewed by Diplomatic World


How was the concept of CC Forum conceived?

The concept of CC Forum was born quite some time ago, but only materialised in 2018 with our first London edition subtitled „Economy. Environment. Ethics“. After attending and speaking at a number of conferences around the world, I have gradually come to believe that there is a sheer need for a new event. One that would be new in its concept and approach, and so, CC Forum was conceived.

The mission and the ethos of CC Forum (where CC stands for Climate Change) is convening the world’s movers and shakers, global transformers who are united in their zeal to make the world a better place. Getting them together for regular brainstorming sessions on some of the existential issues mankind is facing today including climate change, the current state of macroeconomy, government strategies, fighting poverty, social inclusion, philanthropy etc. In other words, CC Forum is a global platform, a club, if you want, for leading impact investors. As such we have often been accused of elitism, we have even been tagged as a „green Davos“ due to a dense proportion of high-net-worth individuals attending. I personally see nothing wrong about the forum being referred to as ‚elitist‘ as long as it helps crack down or at least approach cracking down on global problems. One should not forget that CC Forum is essentially an investment forum focusing on sustainability.


What is the secret behind CC Forum’s success?

I do not think this would be up to me to judge. And there is hardly any secret involved at all. Whatever recognition we may have achieved, has been due to a combination of critical factors. First and foremost, the forum’s overall vision as reflected in our content including carefully chosen topics and cherry-picked speakers. Secondly, hard collective work including by the team, the Organising Committee and the Advisory board alike without whose dedication none of that would have been possible. And lastly, a bit of sheer luck, as everything should come together at the right place and at the right time.


Tell us about the editions of CC Forum which have been held up until now?

Only a few months ago, in late September 2020, we held CC Forum Monaco which was subtitled „Investment in Sustainable Development“ under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II who has bestowed his gracious presence to the event. The Monegasque edition also saw our Investors‘ gala where the legendary Maestro Placido Domingo sang.

Prior to that, in October 2019 we held our successful London edition which saw a two-day conference and a number of networking events. These included, inter alia, our traditional black-tie investors‘ Gala and a dedicated Reception at the House of Lords of the British Parliament. We also received a written royal greeting by HM Queen Elizabeth II which gave us a considerable moral boost.


What are the key factors event organisers should take into account while organising high profile events like CC Forum?

Creating the content of each edition is a painstakingly careful process, but also the most exciting. One has to take into account a whole variety of aspects like the expectations, aspirations, conceptions and misconceptions of the audience, current state of economics, modern trends etc. etc

To draw a parallel, it is akin to the craft of a chef who is making a dish. The recipe has to be observed and all the ingredients have to come in the right proportions, the dish does not have to be either two salty or two spicy or too sweet.


We know that you are fully occupied with the preparations for the 5th edition of CC Forum Middle East which will take place on 31 March and 1 April in Dubai.  What is the programme of it?

The main theme will be staying throughout our future editions – Investment in Sustainability. But CC Forum Middle East has another important aspect to it. It is likely to be the first high-profile conference following the signing of the historic Abraham Accords, so one of the focal points will be exploring the burgeoning investment opportunities across the UAE and Israel. In this context it is highly symbolic that two of the greatest living classical musicians – Evgeny Kissin and Maxim Vengerov (both Israeli citizens) – have been scheduled to perform at CC Forum Middle East’s black tie Gala & Awards Giving Ceremony.


How has the COVID crisis, in your opinion, affected the investment thinking?

It is this unprecedented global crisis that can and should be considered as a catalyst for rethinking the world’s paradigm. Never in the recent history of mankind have we been able to see how interconnected and interrelated everything is. Covid19, like many other viruses, takes its deep origin in the consumerist approach humanity has, sadly, adopted towards nature. This is my profound conviction. We should act accordingly and without delay if we want to preserve our planet for younger generations. A new type of entrepreneur, a one who would be concerned with a wider agenda than making profit, has be fostered.


What is on the agenda of CC Forums for the near future?

We have three in-person editions in 2021 – the UAE, Monaco on 6-7 July (back-to-back with the Cannes film festival) and London in late October, ahead of COP26.

We have been working hard on making CC Forum the leading investment forum on Sustainability, an event that would be indispensable on the annual agenda of any leading impact investor and it is safe to assume that we have tentatively achieved this objective. Our long-term goals include further positioning CC Forum as a global platform for companies to make global announcements, for governments to reveal their strategies and for the brightest start-ups to connect to the savviest of investors. This might well take us another 10 years!