Five Continents Five Laughing women

The delight and the feeling of happiness, expressed by the works of Ulrike Bolenz on the subject of ‘laughter’, are also understood by the artist as a resistance to the human atrocities of our times – which can be found on every continent.

The work, however, intents to reflect the solidarity of the peoples – not just by women of different continental origin – but also by thread-like structures in and between the individual figures: Similar to arteries, which unite different areas of human life indispensable and vitally important, those threads symbolize people-uniting elements like trade routes, diplomatic interactions, digital intercontinental communication, interactions and mutual influences in art and culture.

Last but not least, this artistic depiction opens an essential insight: the roots of man are all indentical – regardless of their origin.

And so, consequently, the two-dimensional world map – finely engraved into transparent acrylic glass – afirms the world-wide human pact of laughing figures in the room.