Emmanuel Itier. Producer, Actor, Director, Writer, Owner Wonderland Entertainment

It started 10 years ago when my first son (I have 3 now: 4, 6 and 13) Felix was born. At that time I was directing lame horror, thriller and erotic pictures and I wanted to show the depth of my life philosophy as I have always been involved with pro Peace organizations like the UN Association, a Darfur for women action group, a forum for the betterment of Humanity around the World etc.

I thought that documentary film was the perfect political (from the word POLITIS: for the people) platform to explore and express my visions. I started with a small subject matter: GOD! THE INVOCATION (Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yicNscEO0y0) was born starring Deepak Chopra, Nobel Laureates Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire, Shirin Ebadi and many others. Sharon Stone came on board as a producing partner and she also was the narrator. This Doc received over 20 international Awards at various film festivals. From there I went on to explore WOMEN in FEMME: Women Healing the World (Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjYopoPo55A). Then I was hired to study the Q’eros Indian of the high Andes of Peru and we made a film called SHAMANIC TREKKER (Trailer: https://vimeo.com/212505166).

Finally this year I just completed and we are about the release: WE THE PEOPLE: A Re-Evolution of Economics and Politics (Trailer: https://vimeo.com/274764320 – Nov 2nd is the street date – all over the digital world through Freestyle Digital Media) and THE CURE (Trailer: https://vimeo.com/271417111 – out on Dec 5th). Together my films are part of a series called: THE ONENESS Collection. These films are made to trigger the genius within us and push us at becoming agents of change! I believe we need to liberate the mind in order for Humanity to come together as one and eradicate, finally, all pandemics, poverty and wars. In Oneness let’s heal the World!

I was a filmmaker first since the tender age of 15. I directed my first short, LA CAGE (https://vimeo.com/229203782) and then the following year a second short called SCHIZO (https://vimeo.com/229432628) with my sister Lise as the lead. Then I moved to the USA after meeting an American woman on a plane (!) and the rest is history! Actually it was a long painful path to becoming a “real” filmmaker and being able to make a living. This is a rough and tough business, this is the Wild West and there are never ever any guarantee of success. And even when you have reach a certain level of accomplishment you can never fall asleep as you are only good as your last picture. So I’m still struggling and still going after the “American dream”. And doing so I discovered my activist within me. I realized by travelling around the world, making this inspiring docs, that together we are One humanity and we are so complementary, we are such partners of amazing talents and skills. The potential and the ressources and the geniuses are there; it’s up to us now to make it work together. The XXIst century will be the century of PEACE. There are still a few dinosaurs to get rid of but the path for a sustainable future of Peace and Love is right around the corner! Be ready! Cease the day and become Peace in Action! Join me and let’s all become Humanitarians: https://youtu.be/yGp2QnpHN98  

For sure PEACE is the most crucial priority of our times. With Peace we buy ourselves time to resolves any remaining burdens on our shoulders: poverty, pandemics and war. With PEACE we enter into the right frame of mind to get focused at finding solution. With PEACE we become partners and not competitors. With PEACE with are full of LOVE and LOVE is the only force creating and protecting LIFE. PEACE should be our long term business plan if we want to thrive in this World!

Real POLITICIANS are people involved with real POLITICS. POLITIC coming from POLITIS which is the art of being deeply involved with and for the People. Therefore every single person from our films are POLITICIANS. You are a politician by conducting such an interview with me and I am a politician using my Docs to enlighten the mind of people and heal their soul.

Every single activist, Nobel Peace laureate, are the true World Leaders of today! But also anybody who “runs for office” is a World Leader. Running for office means that you choose to get involved with your social club, your church, your school, any organization that is trying to promote and achieve goodness in your community and spread Peace and Love to the World. 7 billion humans can all become World Leaders. When we achieve it we will have a planet of pure PEACE and pure LOVE. It is possible and it starts with you becoming an agent of change. Become the miracle, become the savior you want to see in this World. Right here, right now!