Diplomatic World Foundation for Women

Women represent more than half of humanity, yet however, they are still too often despised and mistreated and are considered inferior to men. Far from being respected as the Mother, life-giver of humanity, woman is instead exploited, hit and even killed. In all the regions and in all the countries of the world, women continue to face discrimination based on their gender, just because they are women.

Around the globe, women's rights and integrity are often violated. Every day, for a great number of women, the right to education, the access to decent work conditions, the respect of one’s body and soul are all but a utopia. Child marriage is a shame and alarming figures show that a third of women worldwide are victims of abuse, this pandemia of violence affects one out of three women in the world.

Indeed, every time a woman or a girl is a victim of discrimination or violence, the world is losing.

From sunrise until sunset, from the East to the far West side of our world, women of different age and backgrounds have to struggle to be heard and to be considered equal to their opposite gender. It is now the time to turn this page of humiliation and to write together a new chapter of hope, a new beginning. Governments, the private sector and other partners are invited to reduce the poverty that affects our women and girls, guaranteeing their rights to education and training, to protect their health, including their sexual and reproductive health, to defend women and girls against violence and discrimination, to help them benefit from technological advances and to promote a full participation of women in social, political and economic fields.

In this world full of danger, pain and so much suffering, often silenced, Diplomatic World has realized that a Foundation for the defense of women is needed and invites you to join this project aimed at eliminating abuse and inequalities and whose main goal is the protection of women.

On behalf of women and girls in the world we ask you to join us and share with us this mission.

Join us at: foundation@diplomatic-world.com

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