Technologies to dramatically extend our lifespan are already available today

Technologies to dramatically extend our lifespan are already available today


Ariane Sommer is the daughter of a German diplomat today living in Los Angeles and Berlin.

She is a businesswoman and author who is quite popular in Germany. Her columns and podcasts can be read and heard mostly on German platforms like the daily conservative newspaper Die Welt or the weekly Welt am Sonntag or the left liberal taz.

Her activities are focused on her motherland, Germany, as well as the USA and Canada. Her English language Podcast on “” covers a wide variety of topics. Her major topics connect humanity and health, of the individual but also of the entire planet since everything is connected, she says. With Dieter Brockmeyer, co-founder and director Innovation & TIME, she talks about what pushes her forward and her ambition to make this world a better place.


„The Superhumanize Podcast” covers a wide range of topics. What is the common thread behind it?

Ariane Sommer: To me the podcast is the offspring of my decade long search for the optimizing life in all aspects, mentally, physically and spiritually and creating the ultimate human experience. The modern term for this is biohacking. There are ancient techniques that can help us to accomplish this like Yoga. That is an ancient method to help bring your body in line with your soul to better succeed in life. I want to share the stories of people who either have had outstanding experiences or who can assist us one way or another to advance in life. This is why I speak with a broad range of people: I have interviewed medical doctors, as well as experts from the field of alternative holistic healing, or people who have not only survived, but managed unimaginable adversity. I just interviewed a United States Marine Corps colonel who had commanded the task force battling ISIS in Iraq. We talked about leadership and when not to obey an order.


That is quite a tricky issue…

Yes, you are right – but it is also an important issue. It is not only relevant in the military context but also in our everyday life. When will I not respond to rules coming from superiors? That is the bridge I want to build, between people that have a story to tell and the rest of us. How can we adopt the learnings of these individuals? One of my next guests will be a woman who is a very famous Reiki master. It is all about how to optimize our lives. Not only of the individual, but the human family is a collective. I am fully convinced that when the individual person feels better, they will make different and healthier decisions based on seeing themselves in a different, healthier context with regards to the world. These decisions do not only have an impact on yourself but also on your family, your friends and in the long run on the entire mankind. Most of us are in a constant fight or flight state. I think especially in the current global situation many feel this and are permanently stressed and operating from a state of anxiety or fear. This can be caused by very simple things. Chronical infections for instance, they can be caused by burnouts, if you are working too much. It can also be caused by being disconnected from others. No matter what the root cause is of the condition, being in a permanent state of fight or flight plays a role in making bad decisions. I am convinced this permanent condition of being stressed also plays a role in the US, where we currently experiencing a society as divides as never before, where people have become extremely reactionary and shut down their minds. I see this all as connected, and a small incident can have a great impact on the human family. That is why I have this huge ambition not only to improve my life but also to help others to do the same.


Let us stick a bit longer at your writer’s life where you, too, have a wide range of activities. You are writing for “Die Welt”, a large German newspaper, and the weekly “Welt am Sonntag”, both considered to be part of the conservative spectrum, but also for the daily newspaper “taz”, that is positioned on the left side of Germany’s democratic spectrum. How did this happen?

I actually have a nice anecdote regarding this, from my last visit to Berlin. I had a coffee with the deputy editor in Chief of Die Welt. I always like to visit the newsroom of the publications I work for when I am in Germany. She said: “You are one of the very few I know that are writing for us and the TAZ. I really like that!” I am in the wonderful position to be present on both sides of the media spectrum and to have partners that allow me to tell my stories, the ones I am really interested in. This also may have to do with the fact that I was brought up in a diplomat’s home, I am having the same fun reading Die Welt and the TAZ. Both media are highly relevant for the discourse in society. I think it is great that I can be a tiny part of it.


However, you are not only a writer. You also are an entrepreneur. How does that fit?

All my activities are under one umbrella. The podcast is one element of it, my columns in the newspapers are another. They are connected via my ambition to improve the human situation. My endeavors as an entrepreneur are in the fields of health and wellness. Amongst other my husband and I own a company producing vitamin sprays. We develop them ourselves with our team of scientists and have them produced in our lab in Phoenix, Arizona. Everything is developed and tested by scientists. That is a top priority to us. And I use the products for myself.


That is always good for selling a product: To be that convinced of it that you use it yourself…

That certainly is a precondition, especially for products that you eat or apply to your skin. If I would not take it myself or would give it to my mother, I should not sell it! Health and wellness has been a huge part of my life for over ten years now: to develop new products, to travel the world in search of new technologies and to talk to experts. Right now, for example medical mushrooms are becoming very big in the US and are also arriving on the German market. They have been used for thousands of years in TCM, that is Traditional Chinese Medicine. This knowledge now also gets discovered in our culture. This is really fun – to travel to all the locations where these ingredients are farmed. In Europe for instance the best Chaga mushrooms are coming from Finland. It is great to talk to all these people that harvest them or to sit with scientists in their labs to discuss why this specific vitamin in combination with another has this great impact on our immune system. I never get tired of dealing with these things on a daily basis.


Only to make things clear: Your vitamins are actually sprayed to applicate?

Yes, they are oral sprays. One of the brands that we sell in the US as well as in Canada and Europe, in Germany, is called “Dr. Spray’s”. It is a funny story that the biochemist, the partner of my husband and I, his name really is Dr. Clive Spray. He is exactly how you would imagine a British scientist. He looks exactly like this. He is an absolutely clever, witty, and friendly man. When my husband partnered with him in the company, he told him: “Clive, we need to bring out a product line under your name.” Clive has researched and developed spray formulas for vitamins for 20 years, but, until then it had never occurred to him to use his own name for the products. The special thing about spray vitamins and minerals is: When you apply them under your tongue or inside your cheeks they are absorbed directly via the mucous membrane in your mouth and go directly into your system without any detour via the digestive tract where some of the active ingredients can get lost. The only faster way to bring active ingredients into your body is via infusion. What we do is very innovative based on nanotechnology. It really is lots of fun to develop new things that make us feel better and become more healthy, that can be shared with a large group of people and influence their lives in a positive way.


Are there things you have not yet accomplished?

I hope I will have a chance to live much longer! That is my aim and also the reason why I started with biohacking. The technologies to dramatically extend our lifespan as well as our healthspan are already available today. If we decide on taking this path, we can theoretically well live over 120 years – unless something catastrophic like an accident happens. It is my aim to live as long as possible, as fit as possible, for the simple reason there are so many beautiful things to experience. There are some I would like to do at a younger age, instead of at 90 years old, like climbing on the Kilimanjaro. However, and most importantly, I want to continue learning. I could go back to university to study Anthropology. To continue learning and meeting new people for a very long time is my heartfelt desire.


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