LAUNCH OF WILLOW THRIVE: We innovate, We resist, We win

We innovate, We resist, We win

Interview with Founder Mrs Concetta Spitaleri (Founder, Owner and GM RosaPiù) and Co-Founders Mrs Arshi Ayub Zaveri (CEO at Trust with Trade Group LLC and Senior Advisor, Royal Family Offices United Arab Emirates) and Mrs Barbara Dietrich (CEO, Diplomatic World)


Founder: Concetta Spitaleri

Concetta has held high-ranked functions at VP level in multinationals for more than 15 years, mainly Executive Advisory to Top Executives, Vice President for
Sponsoring, PR & Events, CSR and Reputation.

After acquiring a solid expertise in large corporations, creating her own business was the normal stretch. She is the Founder and General Manager of RosaPiù, a company specializing in long-lasting natural floral art based in Belgium distributing around the world.


Why Willow?

The pandemic has forced me to take some time to think tank about the real priorities in life.

Instability is sometimes an opportunity to prove our real potential.

When I was forced to close my flower business during the lock-down I immediately took care of the emergencies to save the boat, protect my family. When it started to settle, I bounced back and thought that with all the set of competences and expertise that life had offered me or forced me to learn I wanted to give back to the community.

My strong bond with nature, real values, authenticity and my passion for environmental concerns pushed me to develop an initiative which contained all these pillars: WILLOW THRIVE

The Willow Tree is the symbol of resilience, resistance: it adapts, it’s flexible and when bad conditions hit it badly it leans, bows and does not break and therefore it
survives. This is my story and the story of many women…

Willow Thrive aims at gathering entrepreneurs from different backgrounds from all around the world and support them on tangible projects that promote diversity and encourage resilience. Today we can make of our lessons and experiences in life an asset for those who are in need of concrete support, inspiration and hope.

To achieve these goals, I needed to have with me like-minded, strong women whose ambition to build a better world was as strong as mine.

It’s an immense honor for me to announce that Mrs Arshi Ayub Zaveri CEO at Trust with Trade Group LLC and Senior Advisor, Royal Family Offices UAE and Mrs Barbara Dietrich CEO Diplomatic World have accepted to co-found this initiative.

Our strong bond, our common values, our wide experience, expertise and network around the world will make of Willow Thrive the platform to collectively
endeavor and create a perspective on how the world ought to be.

Identifying the substance, tenor, and boundaries of this perspective is a deep and demanding work by everyone involved with Willow Thrive.


Co-Founder: Arshi Ayub Zaveri

Arshi Ayub Zaveri is dedicated to active partnerships that necessitate sub-structuring of strategic initiations, economic & political management, business & financial aid along with overall assistance for the MENA & Asia Pacific regions. She completed her academic credentials in Public Policy Economics from University of Oxford.

She is the CEO at Trust with Trade Group LLC, UAE focused upon strategic joint ventures, Manufacturing O&G supplies, Mining, Renewable Energy, Waste

Management, Biotechnology and sustainability. The group holding is also deploying equity investment, startup incubation & early mentoring for young entrepreneurs. She is also Senior Advisor for Royal Family Offices in UAE.


Why Willow?

From an Individual standpoint, I have always focused on building any venture with a sense of purpose & engagement that remains paramount to date.

As they say, “shared purpose brings people together” and I’m proud to have founded this venture with Concetta Spitaleri & Barbara Dietrich.

The changes brought by the pandemic look good for productivity overall and profitability, for those who can identify the patterns and locate themselves to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. The common thread that binds all of this progress is positive collaboration and mentorship.

A further boost to productivity will come, however, from an impending wave of technological innovation that was already gathering momentum before the lockdowns and now may only accelerate, and we are committed to continued efforts for the same. The longer we live, reinforces that the great difference between man—between the feeble and the powerful, the great and the insignificant… is energy, invincible determination and a strong purpose.

Welcoming all to the Willow Thrive World


Co-Founder: Barbara Dietrich

Barbara Dietrich is CEO and Owner of Diplomatic World, the only diplomatic magazine published on paper in and around Brussels with a special focus on cultural/humanitarian/economic diplomacy, trade, business, art and health. To support the magazine, Barbara Dietrich is also the President of Diplomatic World Institute. In addition, Ms Dietrich is also curator of Arts and Cultural events for Living Tomorrow. “Next Door Living Tomorrow” is a platform for forward-looking art, in which a range of works by famous artists are incorporated in a symbiotic way into a futuristic environment and vision of life. Among her many other high-level positions we can highlight her roles as Senator at World Business Angels Investment Forum, International Relations Advisor at Blockchain & Climate Institute and Chairwoman of the Diplomatic World Global Art Forum.


Why Willow?

Especially in these incredible times, we need to support each other and co-operate more with empathy, enthusiasm, and creativity. It is important to break new grounds, at a time when countries, businesses and people around the world are feeling the social, economic and human effects caused by the pandemic.

In this context, Diplomatic World is redefining and adapting to offer a new format, which is strongly rooted in its many years of expertise and experience bridging the worlds of economics, finance, politics, arts and culture.

Diplomatic World and Willow connect the same values and goals: diplomatic, economic and humanitarian development. It is crucial to give hope for the future and create possibilities especially during the pandemic.

Diplomatic World’s mission and vision is strongly aligned with Willow Thrive’, ambitions and ethical standards and can therefore be a crucial partner in the implementation of joint projects.


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