Fernand Huts, Katoen Natie has started with the central storage and distribution of Belgian Defence materials from Beringen.

Fernand Huts, Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie has started with the central storage and distribution of Belgian Defence materials from Beringen. With the project “Pegasus Martin”, we are witnessing a radical transformation in the logistics chain.


Katoen Natie is proud to be able to contribute to the historical modernisation process that the Belgian Defence is undergoing.

Today is indeed a very important day, for Belgian Defence as well as for Katoen Natie. It is the first time in its history that the Belgian Defence outsources a significant part of its logistical activities to a company. Also for Katoen Natie this is a very happy day because it is also for us the first time that we work with the Belgian Defence. So, we have every reason to be proud and happy to witness this historic occasion. I am in a positive mood, but also a little bit sad and upset.

Today, Minister of Defence Philippe Goffin would have been here to support these modernisations in the Belgian Defence through his presence and his speech. But, developments in the Belgian political arena decided otherwise. A new generation of politicians takes up their positions with the ambition to introduce a new style in doing politics, and to break with the past.

The new generation of politicians wants to do politics differently: closer with and to the people. “This new approach is fresh, but it also needs a reality check” says Isabel Albers in De Tijd. Belgian Defence employs 25,000 soldiers, and Kartoen Natie employs 17,000 people. Every single of them gives everything they have, every single day, in these difficult times. Today, a new innovative concept is realised and everyone in Belgian Defence and Katoen Natie is proud. 25,000 soldiers and 17,000 Katoen Natie employees very much look forward to the first presence in the front lines of the young, and first-ever female Belgian Defence minister, Ludivine Dedonder.

Dear soldiers, dear employees, Ludivine Dedonder sends her cat! Here you have it, the reality check for the new style of politics! Also in this new style of doing politics, the truth of the pudding is the eating.

Katoen Natie would like to thank Belgian Defence for the immense trust they are placing in our company – we are very proud of our army. I am an entrepreneur, I have been around for 40 years, and we are active in 40 countries – this means lots of travelling, and I have to say that the world is becoming more special. We are starting to live in a world where gigantic geopolitical tensions are emerging. It is a matter of time before one of these tensions explodes. Therefore, we are certain that Belgian Defence is going to play an increasingly important role in the future. A strong defence is essential! We will need you very much! It is therefore with commitment, pride and conviction that we are committed to turn this logistical exercise into a gigantic success. I conclude by saying how proud we are of our army, and above I wish to make the following promise: You can count on all of our employees.



Fernand Huts, Katoen Natie



Fernand Huts, Katoen Natie