Peace Hour Action: Love Unites Us We invite women from all over the planet to take part

Peace Hour Action: Love Unites Us We invite women from all over the planet to take part


On September 21, people of the whole world celebrate the International Day of Peace. This holiday was established by the United Nations. Its goal is to remind people about the cost of achieving well-being and peace on the planet. Of course, members of the Peace 50 community can’t ignore this event. The community will host the Peace Hour online action as part of the International Day of Peace. The event will be open to all women worldwide who are concerned about the future of our planet.



Peace 50 is a community bringing together women from different countries, representatives of different cultures and religions united by the desire to preserve peace in the world. They fulfil significant social projects, take part in actions and initiatives aimed at helping people around them, and regularly think about how they can contribute to the sustainable development of our planet and forming strong international links.



Participants of the community believe that such tasks should be solved at all levels of society’s life. The topic of preservation of peace concerns not only heads of state and diplomats but also all people in any country without exception. Every person needs to start peacemaking activities from himself or herself.


“Only people with a highly developed inner world can transmit the values of love and mercy to all those around us. Those are the values, on which our inner world rests as well as our outer global world does. If we learn to defeat aggression within ourselves, there will be fewer wars and less tension globally. People should learn to forgive, sincerely love, and accept one another”, says Marina Volynkina, co-founder of the P50 community.



The International Day of Peace is an event, which is particularly essential for the Peace 50 community. This holiday must touch the hearts of all people, not only the hearts of each P50 member.


On September 21, at 4 p.m. (CEST), Peace 50 community will launch a large-scale online Peace Hour action. Women leaders from different countries and continents will say the most vital words for all humanity.



Each participant will prepare a one-minute speech and talk about what each person can do today to preserve and develop peace.


Russian children will also support the Peace Hour action by voicing their requests for peace through videos.


The Peace Hour action will bring together women from different countries. They will speak the same language understandable to all people of the Earth: the language coming directly from the pure heart and soul. Their words will be dedicated to addressing a common task of humanity: to preserve peace on Earth.



The Peace 50 community is based on the principle of developing horizontal communication. It is this heart-to-heart approach that helped women from different countries understand one another better and join efforts to solve the most difficult issues. The formation of horizontal communication has laid a strong foundation for peacemaking. The Peace Hour action will become a beneficial tradition of the Peace 50 community, it must be another step towards the global goal.



Members of the Peace 50 community believe that the voices of women worldwide become louder when they speak in unison.


We invite women from all countries to support the Peace Hour international action on 21 September 2020 at 4 p.m. (CEST). We want to hear the most important messages for preserving and developing peace.


The video broadcast of the event will be disseminated in the media.


Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov