Return the Sculpture SUPPORT to it’s original location in Venice

Venice is a living example of the fragility of our historical heritage threatened by climate change and the rising coastal waters worldwide. We want to bring the sculpture back to it’s original location in the Canal Grande as a daily reminder for all to see in the hopes to take action towards curbing the problem through a sustainable and responsible use of natural resources and ending the emissions of all agents that cause the earth’s temperature rise which melt the polar caps raising coastal waters worldwide and threatening all living creatures.

This year alone cities around the world including Venice have suffered the consequences of devastating climate events. We have the power to prevent such disasters and reduce their effects. We can all be a part of the change even by making small adjustments to our own behavior by living a more sustainable daily life. Our irresponsible use of energy and natural resources has to be revised by each and every one of us. The sculpture SUPPORT acts a a Universal Visual daily reminder of the need for Humanity to Support our positive actions to preserve all the beauty we have created with our own hands and to carry us towards a positive sustainable future.

Lorenzo Quinn