The Martiros Sarian House-Museum Yerevan

Martiros Sarian (1880-1972)

The art of M. Sarian – is a new milestone in the history of Armenian national culture. At the same time the artist’s creative work is a great contribution to the world art history of the 20th century. The master’s original painterly style has drawn together the Russian school and a pictorial manner of oriental art and innovations of European painting of his time. M. Sarian’s palette is imbued with sun, its bright, fresh and clear colors inspire with joie de vivre and rapturous perception of the world. ‘To look with the eyes and to see with the heart’, said Sarian.

The Martiros Sarian House-Museum

It is one of the rare museums opened within the painter’s lifetime. When the government of Armenia made a decision on the museum’s foundation, the Master was 84 and he continued working in his studio, which was frequently visited by the admirers of his art. The three-storey exhibition halls were built around M. Sarian’s two-storey mansion where he had lived and worked since 1932. The museum was founded on 26 November 1967. All the periods of the painter’s creative development are presented in the museum’s exposition.