Upcoming talents in diplomatic circles Meet Philippe Billiet lawyer

Diplomatic World is interested in informing its readers about upcoming talents in diplomatic circles. Having circulated an initial request for suggestions, several readers have suggested to
write something about Brussels based lawyer Philippe Billiet.

In recent years Philippe Billiet has been named in diplomatic circles for his excellence and his innovative approach to the provision of legal services to diplomats and diplomatic missions. His interventions behind the screens have helped retain good relations within and with missions and his interventions in courts have helped to improve and shape mission-related practices.

Diplomatic World investigated why this particular lawyer has become so popular in diplomatic circles and we would like to share here with you our findings.

1. Conflict diagnosis & maximised strategy

Philippe Billiet dedicates much of his time in improving the art of making a proper conflict diagnosis. This means that, as opposed to the still existing trend of nearly automatic litigation, he has developed and systematically applies a model to ensure that each issue is first properly diagnosed in such way that the best strategy to reach a maximised outcome can be identified.

Philippe has been teaching these skills at the Brussels VUB University and within the department of the Brussels Diplomatic Academy, where his approach was first noticed by Brussels diplomats in 2015. Soon thereafter Philippe was asked to share his views in tailor-made communication, negotiation and mediation trainings for diplomats on communication, negotiation and mediation techniques.

His ability to identify and construct a best approach to any given issue then gradually coincided with an increasing use of mediation, dispute review board, partnering, expert determination, confidential listening, settlement counsel, arbitration, conciliation, neutral case evaluation and other less known but efficient ADR techniques in the realm of matters that have or may have a diplomatic dimension.

2. Proven efficiency

The approach of Philippe Billiet proves efficient and would allow to keep in mind the essential interests of clients, as well as to retain or restore a non-conflictuous tone and amicable relationships.

The correlating client satisfaction rates have been detected by several reputed lawyer-evaluating bodies and eventually resulted in the issuance of several legal awards for excellence, particularly as of 2017 onwards.

In 2019 Global Law Experts granted to Philippe Billiet the award for “Sovereign Dispute Resolution Mediator of the Year in Belgium”; Leading Advisers and Acquisition International have both granted him the award for “Leading Conflict Resolution Specialist of the Year” and Global Venture, Corporate America Today, M&A Today and ACQ5 have bestowed upon him the award of “Arbitration Lawyer of the Year in Belgium”.

3. International network

As the former COO of an international organisation that deals with the promotion of alternative conflict resolution, Philippe has over the last decade developed an international network of lawyers that covers nearly all fields of specialisations.

This means that, for nearly all matters, regardless of the nature and scope thereof, he would be able to recommend or team up with a relevant specialist lawyer.

We believe that this approach offers a perfect match between flexibility, reduction of overhead costs, strong client relationships, international reach and specialisation. Where clients may initially have thought to find these elements only in big law firms, they now tend to turn to Mr Billiet as their lawyer.

4. Diplomatic desk

Recent evolutions have brought with them that Philippe Billiet, besides being a commercial lawyer, now also heads a diplomatic desk (= team for public international law and diplomatic relations) of a law firm.

Such desk mainly focuses on services for sovereign States, international organizations, state-owned entities, investors, government officials, diplomatic missions, diplomats, international civil servants, lobby groups, companies and non-governmental organizations, relating to;

  • Local law compliance formalities for diplomatic missions1;
  • WTO and general trade related matters2;
  • Investor-State or State-to-State issues3; and
  • Other matters relating to economic diplomacy.4

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E.g. Social security, Labour law, Contracts, etc.

E.g. Antidumping investigations, Anti-subsidy investigations,
Safeguard investigations, etc.

E.g. Investment arbitration, FDI screening, Sovereign mediation, Investment treaties, Law of treaties and treaty interpretation, State responsibility, Sovereign and diplomatic privilege and immunity, etc.

E.g. EU Regulatory, Competition law, State-Aid, Merger Review, etc.