“People before Profit”

The necessity to eliminate the negative effects on nature following the use of fossil fuels is no longer point of discussion. Grown-ups and now even children are demanding to make changes to safeguard a future for them.

Marten van Haren, owner of the Dutch wealth management company EBC Plus, has decided to actively support enterprises with innovations which can contribute to a healthier environment, while being based on a model for a sustainable economy. Marten has called his investment philosophy “Investing in tomorrow’s leaders”.

Even in the most recent climate summits, politicians still continue to talk about what should be done, which measurements can be taken, instead of actually implementing new types of power generation which are effective, and available in the market.

Research has proven that windmills and solar panels cause harm to animals and humans and just recently the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) has declared that Biomass is a really bad source of energy. Consequently in the Netherlands alone, for the adaptation of power plants to biomass, subsidies to an amount of 11,4 billion euros, are being wasted and this proves alternative investments will have to be made.

As it is known, power plants, specific industries and transportation produce most of the CO2 exhaust. Therefore it is not difficult to stop polluting nature, we only have to decide to rearrange our financial structures and some companies and people have to be willing to change their core business and develop new earning models.

During the New York City’s Climate Week 2019 EBC Plus presented his Green Energy Plus fund which represents the newly designed power plant of the company Geo2Energy.

Since power plants and specific industries are the largest producers of CO2, by changing to geothermal power plants the exhaust of CO2 can seriously be reduced. They can also render energy generation from windmills and solar panels obsolete, whose production and functioning still causes pollution. Even local regulations to minimize the exhaust of CO2, like forbidding the use of fireplaces for example, will not prevent the production of too much CO2 and these regulations can be obsolete when the important producers of CO2 are replaced.

The combination of new and proven technology provides the new sustainable Clean Energy solution

The Geo2Energy power plant is a new generation supercharged geothermal plant that unlocks the Earth’s unlimited underground energy. The power that comes from deep inside the earth, is used to produce electricity with zero emissions. The closed circuits of the power plant guarantee that the plant has no polluting effects on the air, land or sea. It is power generation without the exhaust of CO2 or other toxic vapours.

The new combination of proven techniques of geothermal energy is a cost effective, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of power. In combination with its recent technological innovations Geo2Energy has dramatically expanded viable resources, resulting in an ever-growing demand.

Convert Existing Power Plants to Clean Energy Power Plants

Because the power plant is designed as a modular system, Geo2Energy can also change existing power plants into non-polluting power plants, just by changing their front end. The modular system enables the capacity of a Geo2Energy power plant to be adapted to the demand of each customer, from an individual industrial company to all the households and industries of an entire region or country. As the temperatures within the power plant don’t exceed 40 degrees Celsius and it uses seawater for cooling, it comes without a cooling tower or cooling ventilators. Because of the relatively low temperatures and its closed systems, there are no dangers of explosion or exhaust of toxic vapours. As a consequence, the above ground part of the power plant fits into a relatively small building, no higher than 7 to 9 meters, and it can be build next to, or in the middle of residential areas.

The building cost of a geothermal power plant may seem relatively high, but one needs to take into account that the plant needs little maintenance, and will generate power for a very long period of time using the unlimited resources geothermal heat, and seawater for cooling. Due to a specific technology, the power plant produces 15% more pressure and therefore 15% more capacity than other comparative power plants.

The technology used by Geo2Energy counters the negative arguments ventilated against geothermal energy. The power plant does not disturb the earth, does not trigger earthquakes, because cooler fluids are not pumped back into the earth to mix with hot fluids. For the same reason, no greenhouse gases, sulphur dioxide and silica emissions, toxic heavy metals (mercury, arsenic and boron) will be emitted into our atmosphere, also because the power plant consists only of closed circuits. It is also believed that good thermal reservoirs are hard to come by. This may be true for those who don’t use the techniques Geo2Energy uses.

• The geothermal powerplant of Geo2Energy enables an energy transition while guaranteeing affordability and energy comfort for the customers and citizens.

• The geothermal powerplant of Geo2Energy can contribute to a secure, affordable and carbon free future which has the least impact on nature.

The new Power Plant also produces clean drinking water, and crucial gases in the process

In its ultimate form, the power plant of Geo2Energy is more appropriately called a chemical factory, because its power is also the means by which several by-products can be produced. As the power plant uses seawater for cooling, the electricity generated by this plant can also be used to change seawater into pure drinking water, to produce salt, to warm buildings (indoor plant growing facilities, producing natural active substances for medicines, and vegetables and herbs, all of them with a constant and toxic free quality fit for human use and consumption), and cool buildings (e.g. datacentres), and to produce oxygen (to be used in hospitals) and hydrogen (to be used in transportation). All of these products made from this energy, will be health giving, and life enhancing.

To present the clean energy initiative to every country in the world

EBC Plus has singled out the power generating innovations of Geo2Energy to make an actual contribution to making our planet a healthier place to live in. Marten van Haren is determined to inform as many countries, companies and people as possible about how to generate power at absolutely no cost to the environment. With the help of political leaders and ambassadors he would like to make as many countries and regions as possible independent of the grid and to make the environment healthy again.

If you are interested in helping your country by investing in this new clean energy program, Marten van Haren can be contacted at EBC Plus by phone +31 (0)20 2442857 or email info@ebcplus.nl.

(EBC Plus is an AFM Registered Investment Company under Dutch Regulatory Law)