Global business leaders and top experts gather to discuss how to best use frost, energy, and human resources to make Siberia great again!

It will be hot in Siberia in August. In the amazing city of Irkutsk, which stands on the shore of the unique Lake Baikal, something will happen that has never happened before. But about everything steps by step. What is unique about Lake Baikal, what everyone knows. This is the cleanest and deepest lake in the world with freshwater, ready to drink, at least directly from the lake with a mug). But not everyone knows that Irkutsk is located exactly in the center of the Eurasian continent.

„In the center of everything“ – a number of international events took place in Irkutsk on August 6-7-8 under such a slogan. rAIA Baikal Forum will open its first day. Actual topics for Siberia will be discussed: energy, natural resources, transport, logistics, and tourism. The cross-cutting theme will be the digital economy sector, which is changing all these sectors. More than a hundred international experts, investors, and leaders who will come to Irkutsk will discuss and develop the best solutions for Eastern Siberia in the near future.

And about the near future, more precisely about the prospects of development of many sectors of the economy until 2035, and will be dedicated to SHULGIN on the second day of the event. Alexander Shulgin is a visionary and successful investor and initiator of numerous events on all five continents of the world, and this year he decided to develop a network platform for public events in his native Irkutsk, where he was born and spent his youth, before being carried away to Moscow by the turbulent life of the first rock’n’roll, where he achieved great success as a composer and then as a successful investor with a number of effective exits from his investment portfolio.

Currently, Alexander is one of the leading investors in blockchain technology and big data centers, which some call cryptographic farms. Accordingly, the third day of this trilogy is called BAIKAL BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTO SUMMIT 2019. As Alexander’s guests, the events will be attended by the world’s leading blockchain leaders. This is no coincidence, as the powerful Siberian rivers, which produce sustainable electricity, are very efficient for cryptoming, there are so many cryptographic farms and data centers. Strong Siberian frosts also contribute to this, with an average annual temperature of -2 degrees Celsius.

„I believe that Siberia will once again become the center of the world’s innovative business, not as a source of natural resources for the world economy, but as a service center for large volumes of data. The Internet of Things, smart cities, artificial intelligence – all this will require huge computer capacity to real-time data processing for a predictable economy,“ says Alexander Shulgin. One of the most famous composers who has achieved success both at home and abroad, and now he is increasingly respected by the expert community as one of the best modern visionaries, accurately predicting the geopolitical, economic and social development of our society.

According to the organizers, the series of events in Irkutsk will last until 2035. That’s when all the ideas that will be discussed during the first season of the planned events will be implemented. Participants and partners from 27 countries, including AAA Entertainment, Bitcoin Association, Primorsky universal reloading complex, Bitfury Group,, Sigma Pool and others, will come to Irkutsk to cut the red ribbon into the gates of Siberia’s dreams and make it even better!


Details of the Siberian events in Irkutsk

rASiA Baikal Forum 2019 – 6 August 2019
Energy – Transportation and Logistic – Tourism – Smart cities – Digital Economy

SHULGIN  Global  think thank on Baikal – 7 August 2019
Future of Siberia – Future of Europe – Future of media – Future of AI – Future with the bots

Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit 2019 – 8 August 2019
Data mining – Blockchain as a service ( BAAS) – Startups pitches


About Gruppa Kompaniy Familia
Founded in 1998, Gruppa Kompaniy Familia ( is solo owned company focusing on venture investments, private equity investments, blockchain, data mining / data processing centers, IoT, Smart Cities, AI, media, entertainment, e-sport, VR, consultancy, etс

About Alexander Shulgin
Alexander, as a visionary, has more than 15 years of investment and venture capital experience. He is a unique Russian composer who successfully combines creative work with business. He effectively manages GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA, which specializes in investment and venture capital in blockchain, media, new media, publishing, and entertainment sectors.
He is one of the main world experts in such topics as Transformation of Global Economy, Decentralization of Everything, Blockchain technology, and MES (Media, Entertainment and Sport) sector. He makes foresight speeches at different leading world forums and conferences such as MIPTV, MIPCOM, MIDEM (France), Mobile World Congress, World Knowledge Forum (Korea), All That Matters (Singapore), Open Innovations (Moscow) and many others
In 2008, he was awarded the order of medal For Professionalism and Business Reputation.