Diplomatic World Institute

The DIPLOMATIC WORLD INSTITUTE was first announced at the P50 Summer Peace Summit at Living Tomorrow, June 28. Here is the short statement given at the summit by Barbara Dietrich, Publisher DIPLOMATIC WORLD MAGAZINE and Dieter Brockmeyer, Co-Founder of the Institute:

It was a great honor to have the opportunity to present the Diplomatic World Institute, DWI, at the P50 Summer Peace Summit. The foundation of the Institute is a big step forward for the Diplomatic World Magazine that was turned into a true global opinion leader by Barbara Dietrich within the last three to four years only. The new body will extend the magazine’s reach using its amazing base of highest-ranking diplomatic network. From now on Diplomatic World is not only a platform to discuss visions and opinions on a global scale. Via DWI we will be able to initiate and moderate our own pro-jects following the simple slogan “from thinking to doing”.

DWI operates as an interface between diplomacy, economy and culture, following the objective to foster world peace and well-being. This can be charities as well as awards or economic and cultural initiatives. Anything that improves the situation of people globally is also a step closer to maintain peace, especially in times of global change with a growing feeling of uncertainty across borders and social groups. Therefore, we also maintain close relationship with the Erasmus Institute for Peace So-lutions. It is too early at this point to talk about details since we are in intense discussions with potential partners.

We hope to announce more detail together with the release of the next issue of the Diplomatic World Magazine in October.