H.E. Elena Basile Ambassador of Italia

Venice is, along with other Italian landmarks, one of the symbols of the so-called ‘’Vivere All’Italiana’’: its canals, the ‘’aperitivo’’ and the ‘’gondole’’ and of course the majesty of its ‘’Palazzi’’ and museums.

The Venice Biennale is part of Venice’s charm, attracting thousands of tourists to visit the Arsenale and the Giardini, where the National Pavilions are set up. Belgium, for instance, was the first Country to install a National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 1907, thus testifying the already very strong cultural ties between the two Countries. Belgian painters Delvaux and Magritte came to Venice in 1949 to participate to the first Venice Biennale after World War II, confirming their role as leading figures in contemporary art. Venice Biennale is in fact, since its inception, a mirror to reflect art’s tendencies developing all around the world.

Since the beginning of my mandate as Ambassador of Italy to Belgium, I focused on strengthening even further the cultural ties between Italy and Belgium. Also, thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture, we manage every year to promote Italian cinema, music and visual arts, as well as literature and theatre. A more structured cooperation with the Venice Biennale would certainly be one of my ambitions in the next years.