UN embrace world media and entertainment for its Sustainability Goals

The world is in transition and the United Nations, under the roof of 17 sustainability goals adopted by all world leaders at the UN in 2015 as a blueprint to achieving a better future for all by 2030, released an action plan to meet the challenges. The United Nations are also reaching out to the world’s media and entertainment industries to increase the impact: Launched on 23 September 2018, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Media Compact sets out to advance the awareness of sustainability issues among media and entertainment companies and to leverage both their resources and creative talent to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals aim at promoting prosperity everywhere while protecting the planet and at ending extreme poverty, achieving gender equality, access to quality education, clean water, and sanitation for all, addressing climate change, and much more.

Just before MIPTV 2019, a world leading market for TV content such a TV series or game shows to be held every spring in Cannes on the French Cote d’Azur and organized by Paris based REED Midem, a subsidiary of the world’s largest organizer of trade shows, 46 member media organizations support the UN initiative, encompassing more than 100 media and entertainment outlets, representing 80 countries and four continents. MIPTV invite their constituent members to also become SDG Media Compact Members and to act as change agents with the power to reach out to millions of viewers. The United Nations have welcomed MIPTV’s new initiative and have expressed appreciation for their efforts to raise awareness about work that inspires millions of viewers and young people and promotes support for its Agenda 2030 program.

In parallel, MIPTV 2019 hosted a keynote showcasewhich puts the spotlight on protecting the planet and its oceans, with a presentation of Seeker’s “The Swim,” a documentary about Ben Lecomte’s record breaking swim across the Pacific Ocean to highlight ocean pollution and plastic contamination. Lecomte was in Cannes to discuss his achievement and the impact it had on awareness about plastic pollution, and described how “The Swim” took shape as the full creative expression of his vision, brought to life across all screens during his journey – including a partnership with Discovery, which aired updates of „The Swim“ on its TV and new streaming channels via the internet.

MIPTV, being the world’s oldest TV market first launched in 1962, is partnering with the SDG in a time it is disrupted, driven by global technical innovation, and changing business conditions. While the sister market in October, MIPCOM, continues to flourish, MIPTV has been faced with declining attendee figures over the last years. REED Midem is currently reviewing options to continue the market.

Dieter Brockmeyer