From Asia Minor to China, “Nowruz” is the most important celebration of the year. This festival, which was added to the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, celebrates the arrival of spring, with music, dance and song. A symbol of rebirth and renewal, Nowruz is cause for much celebration every year. BOZAR was inspired by the Silk Road for its selection of iconic performances by world-class ensembles but also invites you to taste of the culinary specialties of these countries on this occasion.

The co-organizers were the diplomatic missions of all countries of Central Asia (except Turkmenistan), Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey in Brussels, which provided participation in the celebration of their musical groups, as well as tasting the cuisine of their countries.

According to the program, the event consisted of a brief opening ceremony, performances of music and dance groups from the participating countries, a „round table“ dedicated to „Navruz“. In addition, the final panel dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the international organization of Turkic culture „TURKSOY“was held.

Opening the event, the head of the Directorate for world music of the multidisciplinary cultural center of Belgium „Art Center BOZAR“ Tony van der Eeken congratulated all countries on this significant holiday, thanking the diplomatic missions for the full support of the proposal of the ICC „Art Center BOZAR“.

Taking into account the great interest of the Belgian public, he said that this initiative is aimed at further strengthening the cultural and humanitarian ties of Belgium with the countries of the Middle East, where „Navruz“is widely celebrated. Taking into account the world-recognized cultural heritage for the celebration of „Navruz“, T. van del Eeken said that the Center plans to celebrate this holiday annually.

Then the head of the UNESCO regional office spoke in Almaty, K. Pikkat, who congratulated all participants on behalf of the Organization. She noted that the celebration of the beginning of spring is celebrated in many countries and regions of the world, and the States of the region celebrating „Navruz“ in 2009. we initiated the inclusion of this holiday in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. In 2010. The UN General Assembly decided to celebrate Navruz on March 21.

Pikkat stressed that this holiday unites many people with different cultures, languages and religions who celebrate it with their families and communities. Navruz is the embodiment of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and solidarity on which the Organization is based. She also noted that this holiday emphasizes the importance of a harmonious relationship between nature and people.

More than 1.5 thousand guests invited by the organizers came to watch the performance of musical groups.

According to the program, Kyrgyzstan was represented by the people’s artist Rosa Amanova, Azerbaijan-by the dance group „Nart“, Iran-by a musical group led by Mohsen Sharifian, Kazakhstan – and Tajikistan-by musicians of national conservatories, as well as musical groups from Afghanistan,

as well as groups of 7 musicians from individual Turkish-speaking countries.

The participants of the event were acquainted with the rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage of Uzbekistan, the development of various areas of tourism in the country, as well as the measures taken by the Republic to develop tourism infrastructure. At the presentation were used video materials about Uzbekistan, Namangan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Uzbek cuisine.

With the support of the Khokimiyat of Namangan region took part in the celebration of „Navruz“ in Brussels representatives of the musical group „Namangan Nuvolari“, including young talents – singer Dieres Armatoloi, musicians Shavkat Ergashev, Arifana shokirova and Hamidulla Muidinova and dancers to shohsanam Turgunpulat and Gulchehra Ismatullaeva. The speech was delivered to the honored instructor of youth Nortoji Yusupova.

The performance of Namangan artists was positively met by the audience and from the very beginning was accompanied by a long applause. The high level of performance of musical works and colorful Uzbek dances set a high bar for the remaining participants of the holiday.

The event, supported by the Association „Hunarmand“ of the Republic of Uzbekistan organized an exhibition sale of products of handicraft, which was attended by entrepreneurs from various regions of the Republic: Alisation of Dadajonov (porcelain and pottery), Sherali Avezov (miniature, painting and dyeing), Zuhro Ablaberdyeva (hand knitting), M. Turamuratov (porcelain), Shavkat Yusupov (woodcarving), Roccella of Atamkulov (porcelain and pottery), Abdugani of Shkodrov (jewelry made of precious metals), Komil Zohid (zardoz).

The event was also held:

– presentation of the cultural and educational media project “ Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world»;

– the ceremony of awarding the government of Belgium a gift on behalf of the Government of the Republic of a series of books „Architectural epigraphy of Uzbekistan“. The gift was to take the head Director for Europe and Central Asia of the Belgian Ministry of foreign Affairs J. Indicio.

Guests were presented with a reception with festive pilaf, sumalak and other delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine.