Hessian Minister Puttrich bets on Europe’s future

 Hessian Minister Puttrich bets on Europe’s future 


By Henri Estramant

100 days before the ballot to the European Parliament taking place on 26 May 2019, Hessian Minister of Federal and European Affairs, Lucia Putrich, began a series of events under the motto „Lebe dein Europa“/Live your Europe.

Wiesbaden, State of Hesse: the elections being held under the motto „This time I’am voting/Diesmal wähle ich“ are being promoted by the European Parliament Information Office in order to motivate citizens to vote.

„The European Parliament is our democratic representation towards the European Union, and shapes with its decisions our lives. Hence the European election is as important as the federal elections“ according to Minister Lucia Puttrich. „We would like in Hesse to send a signal – through a high ballot participation as well as a clear declaration for a united, democratic Europe“. In fact, Minister Puttrich is optimistic, for during the plebiscite in Hesse held on 28 October 2018, 82,4 percent of Hessians voted in favour for the inclusion into the state’s constitution of a clause that declares the pursuit of a united Europe.

Hessen is prominently pro-European: „Through the European Central Bank and other European top organisations, the international financial centre, the plentiful economic ties and rapid transport connections to all European capitals, is Hesse and in particularly Frankfurt, re-markedly European, and we profit from the European integration“.

On their part, the Hessian State Government has already launched its own campaign to encourage people to vote and be active before the elections on 26 May. As Minister Puttrich emphasises the „Europe is not anonymous institutions in distant Brussels but rather Europe is everyone of us“.

In 2014 lay the ballot participation by 48,1, that is, an remarkable increase since thirty five years. In Hesse there was a participation increase of 4,3 to 42,2 percent.

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