Issam El-Debs comments on the syrian situation

as the honorary Consul General of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Philippines

Issam El-Debs has been living in the Philippines for the past 40 years and the number of Syrian nationals living in the Philippines is estimated at 8000, mostly engaged in investment opportunities or manufacturing businesses, and well-settled.

Apart from the economic migration a lot of Syrian students are doing their master degrees or following medicine, dentistry and engineering degrees in the best Philippine universities.

As a Syrian I wish to express my personal points of view on the present situation in my country.

Syrians feel thankful to Russia for its assistance to the Syrian Arab Army in its war against extremist terrorism, going into a direct confrontation against armed terrorist groups in the country and liberate territories in control by terrorist groups. I strongly believe Syria and Russia share the same goal of combatting global terrorism that is supported by the extremist Wahhabi ideology, which represents a danger to both our countries.

There is always hope for peace in Syria and the region if we start by eliminating the extremist terrorist ideology that is spreading with the help of other stakeholders in our region, internally and externally. These are the short term goals to resolve the current crisis. But in parallel we need to achieve peace throughout the Syrian region.

All parties have a role to play and raise efforts that could lead to peace in Syria and the region. This might cause a breakthrough in thinking and acting, far away from old traditional views and against favouring criminals or terrorists and their sponsors.

Syria has to prepare several reconstruction plans, and many laws have been passed to prepare for this eventual reconstruction phase. The priority for participating in the reconstruction of Syria will be given to partner countries who have stood with Syria throughout this long crisis: Russia, Iran, China, as well as countries like India and Malaysia. The Syrian government has repeated that those who left their homes because of the actions of the terrorists are invited to come back to safe areas that have been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army. The government will do everything it can to provide the necessary means to live, secure a safe environment and create security. We will need Syrians to come back in this next phase to participate in the reconstruction of their country. Our children who have suffered but lived through this conflict and finally survived, will have the joined responsibility to rebuild this country step by step into a better Syria. This is the challenge we face and we need to prepare our youth for this.