To give a face to children with facial handicap:

This is the greatest passion of my life.

The Nadjmi Foundation was founded in September 2015 as the result of a 15 year search to find a humane and efficient way to deal with the suffering that children with cleft deformity have to go through. From the very beginning I realized that just operating a part of their deformity wouldn’t ease the pain of their social handicap. The goal is not to forget the tremendous burden on the life of their parents and their family.

Children with cleft deformity struggle with hearing, speech, and feeding problems besides facial growth disturbances and a scarred soul that reflects their facial disfiguration. All of these can be avoided, if the care is focused in a well-structured, dedicated and professional center. Cleft care is not only about the surgical part but needs a dedicated and passionate team of professionals who not only work together to help the child with his/her facial disfiguration but also give support and teach parents how to deal with this situation.



The Iranian born doctor came to Belgium at the age of 18 to become a sea captain on the merchant marine. He graduated in 1987 from the Higher Nautical College of Antwerp. Then he moved to Leuven, where he studied Medical and Dental school at the same time. He finished his Maxillofacial training in Belgium and did 2 years of extra training in craniafacial and facial plastic surgery in the US. Currently, he is a professor and coordinating program director for Oral & Maxillofacial surgery at the University of Antwerp and the head of the Maxillofacial Department and the Cleft-Team at the University Hospital in Antwerp-Belgium. He is an associate of the ZMACK-team of 13 other maxillofacial surgeons operating in different hospitals in Antwerp.

His protocol of treatment, developed in Antwerp has among the best results in the world, and he is a front runner in Robotic Cleft Palate Surgery. In Belgium we can help only a limited number of patients, but there are many places in the world where the need for a proper and humane treatment is much greater.

Finally, after 15 years of charity work in Africa, India and South East Asia, Nasser Nadjmi found the possibility to create a “Center of Excellence” in Shiraz in the south of Iran.


This center will serve as the model center to reach 3 goals:

1. A multidisciplinary treatment of cleft children.
2. Creation of an international research network between developed and developing countries.
3. To share our know how and train local professionals. On the long run, our Belgian and other European cleft surgeons could be trained in such centres more efficiently, because of the greater exposure and higher number of patients.

The ultimate goal is to establish similar centers at places all over the world where they are needed most; in an attempt to give the cleft children a new face ‘to face’ the, more than ever, demanding world. As such, the existing center will serve as an example. Of course, this ambitious aim needs tremendous financial support.

For more information about the Foundation, please visit our website www.nadjmifoundation.org.



After the first successful fund raising in April 2015, the Nadjmi Foundation aims to take the following initiatives: an annual exclusive charity gala dinner and the ‘Run For A Smile’.

The first event is specifically aimed at those who want to support the foundation during an exclusive charity event.
The first edition of the charity dinner took place on the 24th of April 2015. After this successful evening that a second and third edition took place in April 2016 and 2017. The event has already become an annual “not to be missed” charity gala dinner in Antwerp, where an auction is led by world-renowned auctioneers, and where artistic performances have a central place. This year Wim Vanlessen & Aki Saito from Ballet Van Vlaanderen, and 4 of their collaegues did an outstanding performance.

The second activity has been initiated from a hobby of Nadjmi: running. The participants can register for a running activity of their choice. They can also create their own page through the website www.nadjmifoundation.org where family and friends can donate and support their running activity.

On Sunday 17th of April 2016, the first Run For A Smile event was organised during the Antwerp 10 Miles.
The donations will fully and exclusively be used for the aims of the Nadjmi Foundation.

The enthusiastic philanthropist and his volunteers are passionately committed to eradicate the physical, psychological and social suffering of the individuals born with facial deformities.