“To be honest, it took me a while to develop the self- confidence to be an inventor, who is specializing in more fields than just one, like the old masters did, a holistic and innovative mindset. I fuse an immersive dialogue between the past, present and future into seminars, performances, installations, events and mesmerizing content creation to display innovative international excellence and debate contemporary societal topics.”


Martine-Nicole Rojina is a professional music- and immersive multimedia content producer, speaker and consultant for immersive Audio/Visual innovation, VR, AR and future technology and a creative social activist.

Her curiosity and empathy for technology, science, engineering, economy, society, art and education are the core drivers of her transdisciplinary projects and collaborations in the MPATHY STUDIO, where she functions as a “bridge” to create common ground for multiple fields of expertise.



“We stimulate to answer the call of our inspiration in the form of synaesthetic associations and interactivity, so we are able to immerse in memorable experiences. Besides this we can make innovations visible and create a network of international visionaries of multiple fields of expertise.”

Inspired by cell membranes, which exchange information amongst each other whilst remaining an individual entity, her vision of the international transdisciplinary collective PERMEABLE evolved.

As a network orchestrator, she invites open-minded visionaries to collaborate under a very empathic and exchange-oriented mission statement:

Activate the inner fascination, identification and participation without the need of specific expertise or knowledge. Discover personal, European and global growth in an active and common process. Dream of worldwide collaborations in multiple expertise areas and of traveling in the pursuit of exchange. Involve cutting edge science, engineering and technology on an empathic and trustful common ground of exploration and experimentation.



“In times like today, where everything is overloaded with information and speed, I hope that I can create immersive experiences which reconnect people to the here and now. Including themselves. With the help of transdisciplinary projects I try to transmute perceptions and sensitize people, to achieve a more direct and yet delicate way to communicate.”

In her multidimensional TED talk “Why waves make sense to me”, Martine-Nicole weaves the invisible web of her “theory of everything” on stunning panoramic visuals together with the audience and activates their sensory “superpower” by increasing the auditive perception using blindfolds, immersed in a three-dimensional music composition she recorded, produced, mixed and composed together with classical musicians of PERMEABLE.



“I guess, if a day would have 48 hours, I would work in a laboratory and do scientific research and experiments, too. I’m very passionate about science, engineering, technology, exploration and finding my personal “theory of everything” in quantum physics as well as in music or other fields I decide to dig deeper into.”

For the Net Futures 2017 conference in Brussels, initiated by the European Commission and, she curates the artistic representation and gives a plenary talk about the challenges and solutions for transdisciplinary project workflows for STARTS – Science,
Technology and the ARTS, which encourages synergies between the Arts and innovation for technology and society by promoting the inclusion of artists in Horizon 2020 projects.



The STARTS exhibition will highlight her collaboration with Jasna Rok, a Belgian FashTech design studio:
Fashion On Brainwaves, a futuristic interactive collection responding to brainwaves and establishing the vision of non-verbal communication via fashion, a holographic fashion application and Virtual Reality experience.

Movie installations on the future of work created by students of Salvatore Iaconesi, professor of Near Future and Transmedia Design at ISIA Design Florence, will fuse with interactive prototypes and create a dialogue between the material and immaterial. Accompanied by a quadrophonic soundscape of inner thought monologues of future beings written by Prof. dr. Mark Coeckelbergh, who owns a chair on philosophy at the University of Vienna and is active in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and future technology.

Two immersive live performances feature the powerful synergy of science, technology and art:

Body Quake, where scientific analysis provides an understanding of the epileptic phenomenon visualized directly on the body, using images and devices, united with the larger body of society, in a dance, a body earthquake, involving everyone. Concept and technology by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico. Concept, choreography, performance by Francesca Fini.

All_Che_Me, a meta dialogue music and dance performance using brainwaves to generate graphical scores on light sculptures to trigger musical interpretations based on each others minds. Concept by PERMEABLE, technology and design by José Andrés Cordova Alvear and Jasna Rokegem.



“When I told the medical technicians who operated the scanner what we are doing, they seriously started to cry of happiness. They were so touched by the fact that an artist tried to use a technology – which most of the people are afraid of being there to find “unwanted” things in their head – in such a romantic way. When we scrolled through the images all of us were mutually excited and curious.”

Already during her Media Art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Martine-Nicole researched the neuronal center of truthfulness, detecting activities inside her brain in an fMRI scanner as part of an artistic experiment design with the Human Science Institute in Munich and neurology professor Prof. Dr. Ernst Pöppel.

Her lifelong fascination for conscious and subconscious processes now finds expression in her new experimental artistic design performance All_Che_Me.

Three musicians wear EEG brain sensors, which translate brain activity into colour patterns on a triangular light sculpture, like a modern graphical score, which is displayed to the neighbouring musician and triggers a musical interpretation.

A metaphysical dialogue circuit is created surrounding a contemporary dancer, who represents the human element, acting simultaneously as catalyzer and receiver to embody both, unifying the spiritual and physical realm.

The continuously evolving experimental performance setup will premiere at the Suedtirol Jazz Festival in summer 2017 and features the PERMEABLE members Francesco Cigana on Percussion, Marcello Giannandrea on Bassoon and Federico Bragetti on Cello, Guida Inês Maurício in contemporary dance and the Brain colour language of Jasna Rok.



“I struggled with the lack of empathy I could have, simply because of the fact that I didn’t make the same experiences, yet was involved in a collaboration which should come as close as possible to perceiving a nightmare of a Syrian. Dreams are so personal.”
Since december 2013, Martine-Nicole is co-writing and performing the physical theatre performance “Destruction for beginners” together with the Syrian choreographer and political refugee Mey Seifan and dramaturg Ziad Adwan, which is based on the Syrian Dreams Project, an archive of dreams shared by Syrians since 2011.

A surreal, associative and dreamlike experience, mostly based on nightmares, takes a lot of strength to play it, but she sees it as a necessity for artists to create a possibility for awareness, help and change in the world of today.



“Since my experiences in the floating tank, an egg-shaped bathtub with a lid, which is filled with a highly concentrated salt water solution, I learned to communicate with my subconsciousness. A powerful tool to be in touch with your intuition.

The initial name was “sensory deprivation tank”, because your senses are excluded from light, sound, body temperature regulation and gravity. All the computing power your brain usually uses for this systems, is a free source now and at the same time your body relaxes entirely.”

During a two year long artistic collaboration with Benjamin Tochtermann of the float Med Tec GmbH Munich, Martine-Nicole could spend on average three hours per session for three to four days per week in a floating tank and enriched her studies on consciousness and particularly the direct communication with subconscious signals, perceptions and conditional reprogramming in a sensory limited environment.

Mey Seifan’s current project SIESTA tries to explore the collective subconsciousness of a society, which is undergoing a revolution. Their collaboration develops different outputs in the form of art pieces, but also researches on Lucid Dreaming techniques, which are supposed to help humans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in collaboration with Ph.D. Victor Spoormaker from the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich and with support from the Cultural Department of Munich.

For SIESTA, an artistic journey into the subconsciousness of the participating artists inside a flotation pool will be observed, evaluated and documented, with the future goal to intensify the research and offer effective treatment designs for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with the help of flotation and waterproof EEG sensors, as recently published by Justin Feinstein, Ph.D. Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



“I approached the sculptures and played music on them, one by one, with my bare hands and feet. While listening with my ears touching the metal surface, I realized that this public art installation Rock Strangers Oostende is a magically sounding vibrant creature.”
PERMEABLE will perform “Rock Strangers Make Sense To Me” during Theater Aan Zee 2017 in Oostende, Belgium and transmute the public art sculpture by internationally recognized Belgian artist Arne Quinze into a music instrument.

The controversial sculpture Rock Strangers Oostende will become a monumental vibrating core of a real-time ritual, executed by three musicians Francesco Cigana, Marcello Giannandrea, Martine-Nicole Rojina and contemporary dancer Guida Inês Maurício and will again feature the meta-mind dialogue of All_Che_Me and dresses of Jasna Rok.

This re-contextualisation of public space functions as a debate on the meaning of shared experiences and perception of reality. With support of the Cultural Department of Oostende and cutting-edge technology partners, an innovative immersive Audio/Visual live experience is created.



“Innovation and transdisciplinarity is all about leaving the comfort zone and making new connections. If you don’t listen, exchange ideas based on empathy and try, you are lost. I truly hope that in the future, society will have made a “mindset” shift, where categories and competition are no longer appreciated.”

In the immersive literature performance PATH [ ποίησις ] three performers, two musicians, smart textiles, Artificial Intelligence and a quadrophonic sound art installation decode a poetry piece by Tea Plesničar in the form of cryptic voices, the random emotionalisation of a morse code translation interpreted by text to speech programs, brainwaves and sign language. PERMEABLE debates the existence of art from the beginning of time and space, through evolution and the different states of society.

The performance highlights the relation between the human and the machine, the performer Jérôme Porsperger, dancer Guida Inês Maurício and the musicians Marcello Giannandrea and Francesco Cigana, premiered in February 2017 in collaboration with the Cultural Department of Oostende, De Grote Post and Jasna Rok with Fashion on Brainwaves.



“Well, I dreamt of this one night: I was collaborating with NASA and floating in a spaceship. We were releasing a kind of future-fiber-fisher-net into space, which had little colour pumps at the knots of the net. There was a colour matrix on a screen on which I could paint or play music. The pumps released colour patterns in the form of little colour drops (like analogue colour pixels) into space and the resulting artworks were eternally floating through the universe. I like to give creations their own freedom to exist and evolve.”
Martine-Nicole understands the artist as a creative philosopher. Her work is a sort of reflector for a global community, which reaches beyond categories.

As conductor of her transdisciplinary department she is part of Team Synergy Moon, which participates amongst the finalists of the Google Lunar X Prize. Based on the described dream above, she was selected by founder Nebojša Stanojević to send an artistic contribution to the moon. Team SYNERGY MOON is the only international team with members on 6 continents actively promoting international cooperation in space exploration and development.

Together with a team of artists, scientists and engineers she is developing an artistic metaphor, which is reflecting the power of human creativity and constructive vision and function as a mirror back to earth. As support of a global vision of the synergetic power to protect and sustain our unique planet and its inhabitants.



I love the fact that age makes no difference when it comes to fascination, so my work as a Professor in “Transdisciplinary Project Management” for Bachelor students at the School of Audio Engineering has the same emotional value as being a multidisciplinary art and language teacher for children.”

To foster the healthy development of children, Martine-Nicole works as multidisciplinary language and art teacher in Brussels and is asked to develop an interactive and immersive sensory tool for children in the autistic spectrum, which will combine visual and musical experiences with learning.

Interview by MPATHY STUDIO, May 2017


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